Issue with MediaFileInfoProvider.GetImageThumbnail

Pedro Graca asked on February 25, 2016 00:15

Good evening,

I am having a small issue trying to retrieve/create thumbnail images. For instance I want to display a thumbnail of a large image and I am using the MediaFileInfoProvider to do so e.g. MediaFileInfoProvider.GetImageThumbnail(mediaFileObj,GalleryFolder,SiteContext.CurrentSiteName)

However, this is always returning null.

Any advice?

Thank you, Pedro

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Rafał Cypcer answered on April 19, 2016 18:47

Hello Pedro,

  1. Do you use MVC template, maybe?
  2. Are you sure that image exists in your mediaFileObj object of type MediaFileInfo ?
  3. Are you sure that directory is correct?
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