issue when having 2 recipient with same email address

vendim Birbili asked on July 26, 2019 01:07

HI we have been running into an issue with email sending using marketing email in kentico 12 EMS. we have customized the email provider using third party and sending emails via API. we have a scenario when customer is buying from 2 different shops. Both of these shops need to send marketing email to this person via same campaign and send different content. KEntico doesn't allow that. in the same email campaign if the customer is targeted from 2 people it send only one email. Keep in mind that we have customized so the "from" in this case will be different for both emails. the system lets me assign both recipient to that email but when it send out only one email goes out from one shop. let me know if anyone have any solution or workaround

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vendim Birbili answered on August 7, 2019 16:14

thanks Roman for looking into this. Kentico Consulting came with workaround : below is what they provided

You can look in CMS_Query table, you would need to modify the removeduplicates query to have the additional field:

SELECT * FROM CMS_Query WHERE QueryName = 'removeduplicates'

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Roman Hutnyk answered on July 29, 2019 12:13

Kentico claims described behavior to be a feature:

"Duplicate recipient email addresses

Even though all regular marketing email recipients need to have a unique email address, it is still possible to have a single address subscribed to a marketing email multiple times through contact groups. In these cases, the system filters out the duplicate addresses when sending the emails. This way each email address only receives the marketing email once."

More details here.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any event/place to hook into in order to override that behavior.

I've tried to locate Provider that actually gets all the recipient from the database and filters out duplicates, but couldn't find anything specific in documentation. I believe it is worth asking Kentico support - I believe they should be able to tell you what class and method you need to override.Keep in mind once you customize this logic Kentico wont longer track duplicates, so I'd recommend to double check recipients lists for all the campaigns and newsletters.

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vendim Birbili answered on July 29, 2019 22:30

Thanks Roman , I raise this with consulting services because even support is not really providing a good answer. As I mention on my question this is not about duplicates, this is real business case ( example) I am a car owner that buy parts from 2 different dealerships . Both dealerships will try to send me campaign( same time since the system is maintain by auto Admin) but target me different products based on my past purchase. I did also find a flaw with system. it lets you create 2 different contact with same email address ( same name and last name as well). so my Argument as system user would be: why cant I target both people :) thanks

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Roman Hutnyk answered on July 31, 2019 13:15

I believe there is a class/provider that you could override to change that behavior, but you'll need to dive deeply in Kentico API to find appropriate class.

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