Issue after moving Kentico v.5.5 website from 2008R2 to Windows 2019 Server

Craig Smith asked on January 24, 2020 15:22

After numerous tries, I finally was able to get the website running on 2019 Server. However, after turning the server off and on this morning, I get the below SQL error. My login page comes up, but when trying to log in I get this error. I tried to going to /CMSSiteManager/Default.aspx webpage and then trying to log in, but same result.

Has anyone encountered this issue and if so, have a solution?

Using VS2008 and ASPX templates. Thanks.

[Exception: [DataConnection.ExecuteQuery]: Query: DELETE FROM [CMS_EventLog] 
WHERE SiteID = 1 00)) AND (SiteID = 1): caused exception: Incorrect syntax near '00'.]

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Craig Smith answered on January 24, 2020 20:24

On a hunch, I deleted all of the eventlog entries in the EventLog table. I'm able to access the website. I'm not sure why this fixed it and hope that permanently fixed my issue.

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