Is There a Way to Use the Stock A/B Testing Module to Change Page Teasers on Parent Pages?

kentico guy asked on October 7, 2020 19:16

Kentico 12.0.15 Portal Engine

I am experimenting with the A/B testing in Kentico and trying to figure out if it's possible to use the A/B testing module to hide page previews from a parent page. The structure of what I'm doing looks like this

We've got a homepage with a recently created page transformation selector, which basically just pulls the latest pages created into a carousel at the top of the page. If I add two A/B test subpages to a page that's already in the carousel, all three (the original page and both A/B tests) will show up in the carousel.

Is there a way that I can only show one of the A/B tests on a parent page that is displaying them? Or is the A/B testing just for when a user actually visits a page?

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Dmitry Bastron answered on October 8, 2020 15:58

Hi kentico guy,

Yes, A/B testing module is only for actually visited page. So for your case you need to create A/B test for Homepage, then for Varian A of your Homepage you would need to configure your carousel component to display slides slide_1, slide_2 and slide_3_a; and for Variant B - slide_1, slide_2 and slide_3_b.

In this case when visitor opens Homepage, Kentico will automatically select variant A or B of Homepage and display slide_3_a or slide_3_b depending on it.

Now, if for carousel you are using Repeater with Transformation and you have some structure like this:

- Homepage
    - Carousel Slides
        - Slide 1
        - Slide 2
        - Slide 3

And your repeater is configured to display all slides under /Homepage/Carousel Slides/%, for A/B testing scenario you can do the following:

- Homepage
    - Carousel Slides A
        - Slide 1
        - Slide 2
        - Slide 3A
    - Carousel Slides B
        - link to Slide 1
        - link to Slide 2
        - Slide 3B

And then configure Homepage A repeater to use /Homepage/Carousel Slides A/%; Homepage B repeater - /Homepage/Carousel Slides B/%. To avoid the content duplication of Slide 1 and 2 you can link them instead.

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