Is there a way to permissions on culture versions of a page

Alexander Toups asked on July 7, 2015 17:30

I want to set access permissions on page level according not only to a role but also for a culture version of a page. Or - alternatively - prevent the user from switching to a different culture after log on.

Example: I have a site in two languages. For not logged in users I want to show a language selector. Once the user has logged on to the site in one language he should not be able to switch to a different language. I other words: if the user has logged on in french he should be be able to see the pages in a different language.

I tried to assign different roles to the users according to his "country". But if I add security setting on a page to role "FR" this works for all culture versions of the page.

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Roman Hutnyk answered on July 7, 2015 19:42

I think security settings are based on node, which is shared across all culture versions of the particular document. I'd recommend to utilize custom event handler for document events and implement AuthorizeDocument event, where perform appropriate check of document culture and user culture. More details here.

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