Is there a way to override some internal Kentico queries?

Lance Keay asked on September 9, 2015 19:36

Sometimes when interference/load testing the application, I get sql server timeout errors about the View_CMS_ResourceString_Joined view. In looking inside the cms_query table, I can see that the source query isn't there.

I'd like to be able to put a WITH(NOLOCK) directive in the blocking select query.

Note that this also occasionally occurs with the CMS_User table and View_CMS_Tree_Joined view too.

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Jeroen Fürst answered on September 10, 2015 14:02

Hi Lance, I must admit that I haven't done this often myself but have you considered overriding these Views using the "Database objects" module in Kentico? You can Always use it to rollback your changes using the "Restore default" button. Good luck!

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