Is there a faster document import API?

Lance Keay asked on May 2, 2016 20:40

Problem: Using the Kentico API to upsert Documents is too slow for large quanities.

I'm setting up a service that will upsert 10,000 records in Kentico from a 3rd party system. This will be run nightly and on demand. This job currently takes >1 hr to run.

If I just create a batch sql insert query, it runs in under 2 seconds. The API layer that loops through all the Documents one-by-one is very inefficient.

Is there an API lib that I don't know about that allows me to batch up the upserts? I'd rather use the API as I'm sure there are non-obvious tables that need updating upon upserting.

FYI - this upsert is hidden behind a custom REST service, so it has to be automated - I can't use the Import Toolkit as that's a manual tool. (I know that the Import Toolkit can be run as an exe... but that seems kludgy.)

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