Is it possible to check out via the API?

Stephen Herz asked on December 7, 2016 20:54

using Kentico v9

I'm trying to build a single page checkout. I would like to use all of my own controls and process via the API. Is this possible? I can create a cart and add items to it. I can also create an order via the API but the dollar amount for the order does not show up in the store reports. I don't see an actual way to process the checkout using the API.

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on December 7, 2016 21:22

Do you see it in the invoices? What does GetTotalPrice give you back?

P.S. Check the methods:

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Richard Sustek answered on December 8, 2016 14:56

Yeah, this is of course possible. I would recommend to install our sample Dancing goat web site and checked the example on the Pages -> Store -> Checkout page. In your case you can simply put all the necessary checkout web parts onto a single page. And you can also investigate the code behind of these web parts to see how they are using the API.

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