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Sofia Khatoon asked on November 13, 2014 16:04

I have a CMS web site and a separate Web application that both need to query the same CMS membership provider. I purchased separate license for both sites but when I invoke the web application I get the error

The requested domain name is not configured for any website: https://siteBdoman-name/application

If you're an administrator of this site, you need to go to Site Manager -> Sites and use the following domain name either in the Site properties or add a new domain alias: siteBdoman-name

I do not want to create new web site as this has to point to membership of the first site. I checked that the Site name, guid etc. are both exactly the same on both sites.

Regards, Sofia Khatoon

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Timothy Fenton answered on November 16, 2014 23:12

hello sofia!

This appears to be occurring because Kentico is trying to handle the URL itself, the way you avoid this is you can go to CMS Site Manager, Settings, URL and SEO and under Excluded URLs you want to put your url to your custom application.

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