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D Mathew asked on October 4, 2021 07:00


We are currently receiving a error on our website related to the smart search index. It started happening randomly on friday.

The index gets stuck on Batch 20 and goes into a infiniti loop when rebuilding. The index error:

Image Text

The event log error:

Image Text

Which suggests a permission error we think but we haven't made any modifications to the permissions.


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Dmitry Bastron answered on October 4, 2021 07:16

Hi D Mathew,

I've seen this kind of index stuck a couple of times. I didn't manage to get to the bottom of why it was happening, however one workaround helped me:

  • stop IIS (or your app pool, or app service if you're on Azure)
  • delete the folder with your index (in one of the cases here I saw files were still blocked by some process, so I only managed to release those after a reboot of the VM)
  • strat IIS and your website again and run index rebuild
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