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Joseph Pike asked on November 30, 2021 21:42

Hey guys,

Looking at the inactive contact management settings it seems that 10 days is the minimum for the cleanup of inactive contacts. Is it feasible to lower this setting through code? Or would the best course of action be to write a custom service that automatically deletes x contacts every x days? I'm getting about 80k contacts a day from Cloudflare / crawlers which I'm working on filtering out, but want to have this functionality as a backup. Where I can delete say 150k inactive contacts every 2 days during off hours

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vasu yerramsetti answered on December 1, 2021 03:47 (last edited on December 1, 2021 04:52)

Option 1:

Minimum value validation coming from database - Refer below screenshot. You can also change value from database

SELECT TOP (1000) [KeyID]
  FROM [K11eCommerce].[dbo].[CMS_SettingsKey] WHERE KeyName like '%contact%' and KeyID=70072

You can modify the validation rule using update query and update the [KeyValidation] with your own validation rule.

it helps you.

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