Import Or Create User, Customer and Order data from shopify

Mihir Patel asked on August 9, 2019 06:13

We have migrate platform from shopify to kentico, Now we are trying to import or create user, customer and order objects from existing shopify platform exported data.

Intially I have tried with kentico utility tool to create user but it not support to map custom created fields for user, so i approach api, and I am pretty much confident to create user objects,

But Confused about creating order and customer object since they are dependent and also have to create address object, can you please provide some detail for this process, i have listed fields of data exported from shopify in CSV format.

For Customer : FirstName LastName Email CompanyAddress1 Address2 City Province ProvinceCode Country CountryCode Zip Phone TotalSpent TotalOrders Tags Note TaxExempt

For Order : Name Email FinancialStatus PaidAt FulfillmentStatus FulfillAt AcceptsMarketing Currency Subtotal Shipping Taxes Total DiscountCode DiscountAmount ShippingMethod CreatedAt Lineitemquantity Lineitemname Lineitemprice Lineitemcompareatprice Lineitemsku Lineitemrequireshipping Lineitemtaxable Lineitemfulfillmentstatus BillingName BillingStreet BillingAddress1 BillingAddress2 BillingCompany BillingCity BillingZip BillingProvince BillingCountry BillingPhone ShippingName ShippingStreet ShippingAddress1 ShippingAddress2 ShippingCompany ShippingCity ShippingZip ShippingProvince ShippingCountry ShippingPhone Notes NoteAttributes CancelledAt PaymentMethod PaymentReference RefundAmount Vendor OutstandingBalance Employee Location DeviceId Id Tags RiskLevel Source Lineitemdiscount Tax1Name Tax1Value Tax2Name Tax2Value Tax3Name Tax3Value Tax4Name Tax4Value Tax5Name Tax5Value Phone ReceipeNumber

Can you please provide flow and sequence to create customer, order and address object or any other dependent object if any..

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Zoltán Jalsovszky answered on August 9, 2019 07:34

If you need to import multiple related objects, I would recommend creating a custom import tool using our .NET API. You can find code examples for creating various E-Commerce objects in our documentation:

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