Image not upolad in custom module

Surendra Sharma asked on April 29, 2015 07:22

Hello need some help. I create custom module take inserting parameter in custom module like "Title,Summery,Price,Image" image as a file type using file up loader. In this module title, summery,price is store in data base but image is not upload . What is problem in this module.

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Virgil Carroll answered on April 29, 2015 15:48

Surendra, we will need a lot more information to help you out with this. How are you adding the image? In your custom code are you first uploading the file into a binary object or to the Kentico server then adding it to the database? Are you using some kind of image upload control in your .NET code?

There are additional steps to adding an image vs just saving data into Kentico. Some ideas on what you have done in your custom code could allow us to help you better.

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Joshua Adams answered on April 30, 2015 15:01

Do you mean a page type? I wouldn't think that this would need to be a module, as it sounds like a simple intake form. Either way, check and see if the form is wrapped in an update panel. If it is, take it out. Upload controls don't work well in update panels because they don't hold the value on the postback without some modification.

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