I want to display the Search Results of few words on click which will be present in results page.

kumar GANJI asked on September 21, 2021 17:43

I am using smart "Search Box" and "Smart Search Results" in my web site. * Now I want to give few words or strings as search Suggestions in my "Search Results" page on click of this words respective search has to be done.

  • Example:
  • In my Search result page will have the search box in the Header.
  • In my search Results page I will have the Search suggestions(List of Words)
  • On click of any of the word in the list respective search has to be done the Result has to be displayed

  • How can I archive this any suggestions.

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David te Kloese answered on September 22, 2021 11:06

So you always want the same suggestion? Even if the user is typing something else?

You would just need to create the markup and FE styling and some script that would on automatically submit the search box with the given key.

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