How we get the custom component value into backend code

pankaj saxean asked on June 21, 2022 11:07

Hi Everyone, I'm working in a Kentico project so as per requirement, I have shown some categories into tree view format with checkbox as image attached, the custom component created but I'm not getting checkbox value into the code level means into backend.

So please provide and document or any steps we get the checkbox values into backend.

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pankaj saxean answered on June 24, 2022 08:04

Hi Everyone,

That issue is resolved now for getting the custom control value into you backend code we just bind the all values to the source of the component, so we get the value into the backend. Like I'm follow steps:

  1. Bind values values into the ul and li.
  2. Maintain a hidden field into the custom component view
  3. Clicking the checkbox using JavaScript store all the values into the hidden field.
  4. Bind the main source to the hidden field so the value get back to the custom component cs code.
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