How to solve trouble when permission for user using Applications and functions in Kentico Admin 9

Ha Son Nguyen Tat asked on March 4, 2016 06:52

In current time, We're getting trouble in permission for user in Kentico Administration System after we implemented permission for user like Kentico document guideline.

* Describe implementation process and get our trouble:

- We created users with Privilege level which is "Editor" and the users are applied appropriate roles after we create a role list in "Role" Application in Kentico.

- Continuously, We started particularly permission for user through those appropriate roles. For example, we created role name which is "Product Administrator" with these purposes are view only access to development and configuration icons (custom tables, CSS stylesheets, Page templates, Settings, Event log, etc.) and edit access to content management icons (pages, media libraries, etc.)....
--- And then we've set up Permission and UI personalization for this role. See detail description below:

+ Permission for Modules name which are BannerIP, Content, Design, UI Personalization (allow is checked), remaining modules are not permission (allow is unchecked).

+ UI personalization is set up like as picture below

+ After the setting is finished, we've been logout Global Administrator and sign in to User (to be set up with "Product Administrator" role)

-----> Trouble: We only saw some functions are applied like as "Page", "Event log", "Custom table data", "Media libraries", some other functions are not applied although they are set up permission like as "Custom table" in Custom table module, "CSS stylesheets" in Design module, "Setting",

Hope Kentico developers to help us
Thank you all !

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