How to show database subscribe and member subscribe from bizform

Khanh Kevin asked on February 8, 2018 09:25

I want to display the registration information and the attendees of the bizform course from kentico version 8.

Currently I do not know how to connect data between data tables from bizform and document type. Hope everyone help and guide me

When the subscriber enters information and enters attendee information, all their information is displayed on bizform

After the user click on the registration button from bizform to save the data to the database

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Dragoljub Ilic answered on February 8, 2018 10:15

Hi Khanh,

If I understand you well, you should use drop-down list form control on your form and chose 'Macro expression as datasource. Macro expressionshould be something like this:


Also, it is important that in fields bellow (for 'Item transformation' and 'Value column') use proper values, like this {% DocumentName %} or {% DocumentID %}. If you need more advanced thing, you can create custom macro method and add it here.

Best regards, Dragoljub

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Khanh Kevin answered on February 22, 2018 03:08 (last edited on February 22, 2018 03:23)

Hey Dragoljub Ilic, When subscribers enter their information using bizform of Kentico + Contact information + Fullname: + Phone: + Email: + Address: - After that the registrant can enter the information of many other members to participate in the program on bizform, all information will automatically load up before clicking on the registration button to save the database. Enter information of attendees + Fullname: + position: + Phone: + Email: + Address: Image Text

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