How to schedule emails in email marketing with calendar displaying local time (not server time)

Anshuman Shandilya asked on August 28, 2020 10:53

I am using Kentico 10 EMS. I have to schedule email in Email marketing module in Kentico. I have created Email feed and then email under it. There is an option to schedule the email for a future time. This calendar control always displays server’s date & time. But the user scheduling the email is not in the same time zone as that of server and he want the time in the calendar to be his local time. How can I achive this?

I tried following 2 options

1) I change time zone of the user in user profile to be his local time zone.

2) I changed time zone under Settings (System -> Time zones) a) Enabled = true b) Server time zone = time zone on the server c) Site time zone = local time zone which is required by the business user to appear in calendar while scheduling emails.

But none of this is solving the purpose.

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