How to manage Multiple websites on a single domain and multiple resources

Kiran Chavada asked on November 11, 2016 12:13

This is to let you know that, we want to adopt Kentico for one of our large and scalable ecommerce website, and to achieve the goal on time we will need to add multiple resources and multiple domains like ‘Staging’ and ‘Production’; wherein Production will have always a stable copy running for end customers while on staging our development team will work for new development tasks. However with Kentico my development team is come-up with some doubts and questions which need to clarify or address before we start development for same, so if you could guide us or advise for same then it would really helpful for us. The questions are as below.

  1. How could multiple developers can work on Kentico website, and what kind of security it provides which will secure the code from data loss while there are more than one resource working on the same page.
  2. How we can add the Kentico website into TFS, and manage it from there including the database and the content stored in the database?
  3. How to manage deployment for Staging sever and Production server, as currently on development server and staging server we are working on Free edition license key, and the feature is denied for us because of what we are unable to use this feature, if there is something which can resolve this issue for us then please let us know.

What we can do to avoid data conflicts while we are performing deployment on Staging or Production server, and currently we are facing this issue; and it causes major problem and rework for our team when we are deploying stuff from development server to Staging or Production server.

Here is the steps we are currently following to deploy the stuff from Development server to Staging or Production server. 1. First we have developed code on our local Development server. 2. Same process we have to follow on our staging server.

  1. As mentioned our development team is working on free edition license key, so there are many features are not accessible for them at the time of development; while actually they are supported for the Production license key we have and because of what team has to work on Production server directly to complete that kind of integration, which is really unacceptable for us as we have our live customers and sometime they face issues and because of what our business also suffers. Though if there is a kind of setting by applying which our development team can get all the features accessible on our development server as well, so that they can develop, our QA team can verify and we can deploy it on production server which will never create any issue for our customers, then please let us know as this is something really important for us.

  2. How to manage Multiple websites on a single domain, please review my requirement below: To develop one installation of Kentico to run three separate sites. The sites should use users current Geo Location and redirect the user on relevant domain. Like: We have one of our global website URL, and other are specific to the Geo locations only 1) 2) 3)

If user belong from UK and open then we want to redirect the user on, and the same way for Australia as well; if the user is from any other location than we would like to keep the user on the site only and load the website as it.

Additionally we want to manage Multilanguage and Multicurrency for manages countries, so how we could easily manage it in Kentico?

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Zach Perry answered on November 11, 2016 18:27

  1. It sounds like you have purchased a license for production but are not using it in DEV and Staging. Kentico will give you a free license for your dev and staging environemnts if you request one.

  2. For team development, you might want to read up on Continuous Integration

  3. For deploying to Production or Staging (assuming you have the correct license) you could either use Content Staging or you could look into the new Kentico Compare

  4. Not sure if this will help with your multiple websites issue, but it sounds like this is similar to what you want. Someone else might have more experience with this and be able to better answer you.
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Austin Martin answered on November 15, 2016 18:27

"It sounds like you have purchased a license for production but are not using it in DEV and Staging. Kentico will give you a free license for your dev and staging environemnts if you request one."

If a free license is requested for a development environment will it enable the features that are included with the purchased package ex.EMS?

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