How to load two dependent dropdownlist?

benyamin jain asked on September 29, 2014 08:56

HI is it possible to load itemes of one dropdownlist control based on selected item from another dropdownlist control in kentico?

More explain : say we have a document type that have State and City. State and City both are type of DropDownList Control. When One State selected from State DropDownList , in the City DropDownList it's related cities must be loaded.

any advise will be appreciated Thanks alot

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Joshua Adams answered on September 29, 2014 13:30

Create a custom form control that has two dropdownlists. Fill the first with states and have an on selected index changed event fire off, and then fetch your cities based on the selected item. You can look at the kentico documentation on custom form controls, then take the storing multiple values part and have the state saved in the field occupying the control and the city stored in another field in the database.

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