How to limit ratio of Integration Bus retry attempts

Andy Bochmann asked on April 17, 2020 22:41


If an Integration Task fails, I log an exception and return IntegrationProcessResultEnum.ErrorAndSkip or IntegrationProcessResultEnum.Error. In both cases, the Integration Bus keeps retrying the execution of the task immediately for about 1-2 minutes. This will cause hundreds of exception and if error notifications are enabled, it sends out hundreds of emails for the same exception.

Even if I remove the exception logging, there are still hundreds of error messages in the Syncronization log of the specific task. In my case about 10 entries per second.

Is there a way to limit the amount of retries or enable some kind of wait period between them? I'm sending OrderInfo data to an external API. If the API is down, I don't want the Integration Bus to retry every 100ms and hit the API even harder.

I'm looking for a solution to either add a longer wait period, like 30 minutes, or to avoid automatic retries entirely, so I can send out a notification and retry it manually later.

Thanks, Andy

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