How to hide the "Attachments" option when creating links?

Alex B asked on March 9, 2020 21:14

Is there a way to hide the "attachments" option in the CMS? I've been trying to get my editors to stop using attachments since the content is not indexed in search and further complicates maintaining those documents. I'd like to hide the "attachment" tab and only have the other options (content, web, media library, anchor, email). Is it possible to make this change for certain user roles (i.e. hidden from basic editors, but visible for global admins)?

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Zach Perry answered on March 9, 2020 21:25

You should be able to disable that tab in UI Personalization > Media Dialog:


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Alex B answered on March 9, 2020 21:33

Ah yes, this looks correct! - Thanks Zach.

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