How to get the value of an asp:literal on a web part (aspx), into a transformation web part (portal)

Jenni S asked on August 9, 2018 01:53

I have a web page developed in Kentico portal that has a transformation on it.
I need to run some apis to calculate a string value, which I then want to insert into the transformation.
I have written a web part as aspx which runs the api calls and calculates the string value I need and stores it in an <asp:literal> in the aspx file.
I have added this web part to the Kentico portal and to the web page that also contains the transformation.
I have also tested that the value is correctly populated by displaying it on the body of the web page, so I know that it is there and it is correct!

How do I reference this string literal and insert the value into my transformation?
Is there a macro that can do this?
Or do I need to store my string value in something else in the aspx web part that will allow me to reference it in the transformation, like a text box?

I would appreciate any help as I am completely new to Kentico but have significant development experience... and I have been looking online for solutions but can't seem to find any.

Thank you in advance!!

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Zach Perry answered on August 9, 2018 22:32

If it is just returning a string, does it need to be a web part? Have you looked into creating a custom macro? Here is the documentation.

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Vinod Vutla answered on August 10, 2018 07:35

Transformation is a simple view which iterates through your List of items or a Datasource that you assigned to a Listing webpart(Repeater). So make sure your literal value comes through the datasource and then use the macro to render.

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