How to get the GetMediaLibraryInfo() groupid

alan gerling asked on February 17, 2016 05:27

Can you tell me how to get the GroupID for the GetMediaLibraryInfo method?

MediaLibraryInfo newLibrary = MediaLibraryInfoProvider.GetMediaLibraryInfo("MyMediaLibraryName", website.SiteID, GroupID);

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David te Kloese answered on February 17, 2016 09:41


Where do you need it for? I believe it's just an overload and not required.

You can just use: MediaLibraryInfoProvider.GetMediaLibraryInfo("LibraryName", SiteContext.CurrentSiteName);

See the API examples:



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alan gerling answered on February 17, 2016 18:34

Thanks David, i had misread a note and thought i had to call this method using siteid and groupid.

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