How to display forms (bizform) on the public site as DIVs instead of Table?

Nattawut Comlon asked on November 25, 2015 10:15


I have been trying to find the way to render the form to DIVs instead of the Table tags on the public site. I am not sure if it's possible. But from this article it looks like in version 8, the form displays as DIVs instead of Table.

I am using Kentico 8.2 (and I just updated to hot fix 47). Then I created a form and adding a few fields (text and dropdown). I am using "automatically generated layout" (not using Custom layout). and then I use "Online Form" web part to render the form on the page. I find the form was rendered as Table instead of DIVs.

Could anyone tell me if there's any setting to change the layout of the form to DIVs? I don't want to set the output filter to change this.

And according to this article, the structure of the final html I got from my method above and the one in the article are not the same.

Could you give me the guide of this issue, please?

Thank you very much in advance, Nattawut

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Zach Perry answered on November 25, 2015 13:59

Don't use the automatically generated layout - that creates the form using a table. Either use a custom layout or use a alternative form. If you use an alternative form, you have to select it in the web part.

When you create the alternative form or custom layout, you would create the entire layout how you want:

<div class="something">
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