How to assign editable area content into a variable?

mark json asked on March 11, 2022 03:14

I want receive html content from editable by assign them to a variable, then I will want put it at specific place.

For example: Image Text

If I put @Html.Kentico().EditableArea("area1", allowedWidgets: new[] { "News.HomePage.BannerWidget" }) under <div class="home-slider"> then my inline editor from Kentico CMS will display error (css and js break my SliderWidget). I using slick slider.

Thanks in advance!

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mark json answered on March 11, 2022 03:17

If this can't. Does have any another solution?

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Frederik Dietrich answered on April 27, 2022 12:41

Hello, Thanks for asking this. I faced similar kind of issue last time, I am still searching for some proper solution Same issue still no fix to this. I have a content editable

tag in html and a button. I'm wondering how I can make it so that when the button is pressed, the variable called content will be set to the value inside of the content editable p tag . Please help me.

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