How to add kentico form control to uiform for live site

giridhar Addagalla asked on December 26, 2018 14:59

Hi i have created a kentico custom form control where i would like to add it in the web part can you suggest how to add it.

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Irina K answered on December 26, 2018 18:18

Follow the "Registering the custom form control in the system" instructions on the same link that you have above. When you get to the step to "Select Text and Page types in the control scope section" make sure that you select controls and web parts. Then go to the web parts app and under properties tab add the field you need and select the new control in the form control drop down.

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Eric Dugre answered on December 27, 2018 18:09


I see that you have already asked this question previously here: Please do not open multiple questions for the same issue.

There should be enough information in the documentation and the answers provided to use your form control in a web part.. is there anything specific that you are having issues with?

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