How do i get my form submit button to refresh the page?

Susanne Hou asked on January 13, 2016 13:24

Hello. I have a website where I have an online form. The data submitted from the form is shown on the page using a Repeater with Custom Query webpart which queries the database and shows the data in a table. Everything is working really well, except one minor thing.

Whenever a user submits something through the form, the user has to refresh the page in order for the message to be shown. What I would like to do is have the submit button of the online form refresh the page, so that the submitted message shows up after being submitted if that makes sense.

However, I can't figure out how to achieve this. Im working in the Kentico 8.2 free edition, and I am working on it in the kentico interface. I do have the option of opening the project in visual studio, but i would prefer not to. So far I have been able to achieve everything I wanted through the Kentico Interface, and I'm curious if there is a way for me to achieve this as well.

The image below shows the online form, and a snippet at the top of what the submitted messages look like wehn displayed on the website.

Image Text

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Dawid Jachnik answered on January 13, 2016 13:31

Hello, The problem is that the online form control is under of the repeater. That's mean when page is rendered first is repeater which queries the database then online from which add the message.

I think the one of solution is to move repeater under the online form or change loading of the messages to ajax

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Susanne Hou answered on January 13, 2016 13:36

Oh my god, it worked! I cannot believe I never thought of that. I spent perhaps 5 hours trying to figure out a solution, and it was so simple! Thanks a lot for your answer.

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David te Kloese answered on January 13, 2016 13:38


I think you could also use the 'Redirect to URL' setting of the form to redirect to your current page. This can be set on the General tab in the Formsmodule.

However I've been reading most of your questions the passed days and I believe you want this form to be placed on every page. So the redirect url should be different for every page. Not sure if you can add a macro in this field to make this work.


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