How Can I Create a Custom Kentico Module from an Angular Application?

Jessie Johnson asked on August 9, 2020 13:44

I have a requirement to build a custom Kentico Module for a client, but I don't want to use the clunky, built-in Kentico framework. There's a lot of things that Kentico does right, but custom modules are not (in my opinion) one of them.

I'd like to use an embedded Angular app, but I don't see any documentation to explain how.

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David te Kloese answered on August 10, 2020 10:11

You can configure the Custom module to just load any page you want.

Where you add the UI element you can just set Target URL to any part of your solution. Keep in mind you have to do your own security and permission checks when it's not hosted in CMSModules or similar.

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Brian McKeiver answered on August 13, 2020 23:50

Custom modules are pretty powerful, and after using them for years I think they can do many things well, but not everything. If it is a simple customization I would give the custom modules a try. But if it is a complex need I could see going SPA app as well.

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