How can I change the date format?

Jaroslav Kordula asked on August 20, 2008 03:48

How can I change the date format?

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Jaroslav Kordula answered on August 20, 2008 03:48

Sometimes you need to change the date format from the default US format (mm/dd/yyyy) to other, e.g. dd/mm/yyyy. Please follow these steps:

1. Go to Site Manager -> Development -> UI Cultures
2. Click 'New UI Culture' and insert for example following values:
     UI culture name: British English
     UI culture code: en-GB
3. Click OK to save changes.
4. Go to edit user (CMS Desk -> Administration -> Users -> edit the user account you are using) and change 'Preferred user interface culture' to British English (you can make the same setting in CMS Desk -> My desk -> My profile).
5. You may need sign out and sign in back for the changes to take effect.

You can also set this new culture as your default site culture from Site Manager -> Sites -> [Edit your site] -> General -> Default content culture.

Please note: the date format on the live site is changed according to the site culture.

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