Have a differant output in the editor mode

Tony Gayter asked on March 4, 2019 18:03

In the editor we have a tab control. in each tab is seperate content, however in teh editor the tab functionality does work. In other CMS's I would have just stacked the content and then output it as tab panels on the published page, but I cant seem to find out how to do it? The closest Ive found is the CMSConditionalLayout control but that didnt change anything. Im sure its an easy thing to do so I must be missing something. Im using Kentico 9

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David te Kloese answered on March 5, 2019 10:11

I'm not sure what your problem and desired outcome is. You say:

"however in teh editor the tab functionality does work"

But it shouldn't work in the editor? And what do you mean with editor? The the Form tab or the Page tab in the admin interface?

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