Handling response from SecurePay with Special(Ascented) Characters

Daniel Indla asked on February 10, 2016 23:10

Hi All, We are using Kentico and integrated SecurePay online. When we send a payment request to SecurePay with ascented characters securepay will accepts the request and process it successfully. But when it returns the successfully paid transaction Kentico shows that transaction with Ascented names as failed. It seems that SecurePay response is not correct when it involve ascented chanracters. May I know if any one had any experience with sending payment request to SecurePay with Ascented characters and how you handle it in Kentico please?

For example When Kentico sends the name Rifà SecPay returns it as RifÃ

SePay transaction is successful but Kentico stores it as failed transaction.

Regards, Daniel.

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Daniel Indla answered on April 27, 2016 05:23

Can some one answer this please? Can Kentico eCommerce site handle customers with Accented Chanracters with SecPay? Is there something wrong with the SecPay, the way they return the Response or is it at Kentico side that you need to handle Accented Characters?. Hope some one out there will answer this.

Regards, Daniel.

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