Getting error when delete document on Kentico 8.2

Support Team asked on April 2, 2015 03:28

Hello, I'm getting the error like this when i'm trying to delete a document that i've just created it "The page does not exist, it may have been deleted by someone else."

I already try to apply hotfix 8.2.12 -> it was not working and i see hotfix 8.2.13, i apply this hotfix too -> it was not working

I also try to restart the website and clear the cache

Anyone can let me know what's the reason and how to fix it ?

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Virgil Carroll answered on April 4, 2015 17:54

I would definitely submit this to Sounds like you are having some permission issue potentially at the database level or some core files in the web directory that is causing the issue. Have you looked into the event logs to see what errors you are seeing there?

When you've tried the hot fixes have you looked at the logs to see what specifically went wrong? That would be a good place to start on that.

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