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Russell Hires asked on December 13, 2018 23:21

I am new to Kentico. My question is about friendly URLs and the (I guess) unfriendly kind. I have this path in my solution CMSTemplates.StrazCenter.EventSubpage, but when I try to navigate to it CMSTemplates/StrazCenter/EventSubpage.aspx, via my browser, I get a 404 error.

I tried looking for answers in various places regarding this situation, but found 1 that deals with this issue, and it doesn't apply in my case. The rest are (mostly) about custom 404 pages...

I don't know what to check for/look for in my solution or in the admin settings to understand this behavior. I did some checking about what it might be, and it seems that it's this Friendly URL rewriting? Or that the page is not published? I have been thrust into this new (to me) CMS and don't really know which way is up...I would like some direction on where I can look to figure out this behavior, whether it be in the solution, or in the admin settings, or somewhere else that I don't even know about just yet. Thanks!

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David te Kloese answered on December 14, 2018 10:40


Since you're new to the CMS I'd advise to have a look through the documentation for your specific Version and Development model instructions!

Here you should be able to find information about the structure and different features. Image Text

In regards to your specific error, you say you have a template CMSTemplates.StrazCenter.EventSubpage is this an actual page in the CMSTemplates folder or a page that uses this custom namespace?

If you're using the Portal Engine model you'll need to create templates in Kentico Admin interface and than Create a Page that uses that Template. If you have more details about your setup we might be able to be more specific.

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