GetAttachment 404 error in Xperience

Sylvain C. asked on September 9, 2021 17:05


I am converting my ASP.NET MVC website into an ASP.NET Core website and I am encoutering issue with the getattachment. I have copied and paste the media and the files (attachments) folders in both the admin and live site projects. I have also restarted the web farms. The getmedia works fine but the getattachment doesn't work.

Using the admin URL, http://localhost/mysite_admin/getattachment/da8e0d83-c7c5-4f79-887d-efdd96f9d5b7/test.pdf?chset=aa31b998-c856-435f-94ec-fec4383de2c6&disposition=attachment is converted into http://localhost/mysite_Admin/UploadedFiles/mysite/da/da8e0d83-c7c5-4f79-887d-efdd96f9d5b7.pdf and the pdf is correctly displayed.

Using the live site: http://localhost:25291/getattachment/da8e0d83-c7c5-4f79-887d-efdd96f9d5b7/test.pdf?chset=aa31b998-c856-435f-94ec-fec4383de2c6&disposition=attachment is also converted into http://localhost:25291/UploadedFiles/mysite/da/da8e0d83-c7c5-4f79-887d-efdd96f9d5b7.pdf but it returns a 404 error. I checked my live site folder structure and I have a da8e0d83-c7c5-4f79-887d-efdd96f9d5b7.pdf file under the UploadedFiles\mysite\da path...

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help,


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