Get Related Documents for each item in a list

Debayo Graham asked on August 12, 2014 17:17

I want to have a landing page that list doc type A and then i want to have another list that has the related documents for each of doc type A. So when user clicks on an item the associated related document pops up in a modal. thanks

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Bill Tran answered on August 13, 2014 19:04

I would use a Hierarchical Viewer with a Hierachical Transformation.

In the second level which contains the content for the modal, I would wrap it in a div that is hidden with a class "modal."

In the first level, I would add an onclick event handler that will open the modal popupl such as onclick="OpenModal(this);"

function OpenModal(ctrl){ var modal = $(ctrl).find('modal'); model.dialog(); }

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