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Tommy De Notarpietro asked on June 9, 2016 14:17

When a user fills in an e-mailadress and clicks a button, a PDF of the current page should be send to this e-mailaddress. The current page output also depends on sessions, so it's not a static page.

I already have a service which can create the pdf by sending the html.

Is there a way to get the output html at the moment of the button click ( in a user control )?

Or are there any other solutions?

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Dawid Jachnik answered on June 9, 2016 15:10


There isn't fany method to get current output html.

To resolve this problem you need to create page, where you put querystring ex. ?orderid=1. according to the query string parameter you need to setup there repeaters, which render the the page exacly as the where user click the button.

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Yang Wen answered on June 9, 2016 19:57

Have you tried using javascript to get the HTML source of the current page?

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