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Fred John asked on April 14, 2016 12:47


I'm trying to customize the forum for a web app, and I've ran into an issue.

So far I've created a new layout for the forum and applied the layout to the widget as described here:

That part worked. But now, I need new fields for the forums (for example: in a forum group, each forum will need to have an icon given by an attribute when creating the forum. Or for example, lets say I wanted to add a field to decide what colour that forum should be presented in.)

I figured that there should be a way for me to add these fields into Modules -> Forum -> Forum (class), but it appears to be locked, not allowing any modifications or additions.

I need for a way to add these fields such that I will have access to them when generating the layout and for the user that created the forums (including from the forum app in the portal) to fill them up.

I'm sure there must be some easy way to do this but I probably missed it somehow. Can anyone give me a hint?

Thank you!

PS: I'm using Kentico 9.

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emma zelewsky answered on April 14, 2016 15:54

The out-of-the-box modules are sealed, but you can create custom modules. Plus, you can clone existing modules, such as Forums, in the Modules app by clicking the ellipsis under Actions in the module list. Check out the module documentation, which is very detailed.

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Fred John answered on April 15, 2016 07:36

Thank you for your answer.

I've considered cloning the module, but if I do that, how can I make the "Forums" application from the Portal map to my cloned forum module instead of the original forum module? Will I have to duplicate it somehow and modify it somewhere? If so, how do you even duplicate an Application? I assumed that the application is basically the set of settings from the "User Interface" tab in the module, but when I cloned the module I didn't get a second "Forums" application. Also, when I cloned the forum, the classes were not cloned, although it was selected to clone every child. Do I have to remake each class manually?

And if the above works, will I have to clone the webpart and widget for displaying the forum afterwards? (in order to make them work with my new forum class)

Sorry for all these questions; I'm pretty new to kentico and I think I keep missing something and overcomplicating things.

Thank you!

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Alonso Gonzalez answered on November 22, 2017 14:51

Hi There, Did you find a solution to this @Fred John ? I've run into the exact same issue for a custom forum I need to create

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