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Alonso Gonzalez asked on December 8, 2017 01:49

Hi there,

Im building a forum using kentico built in functionality, and we need our users to be able to upload images into the post using the wysig editor, currently from options we can allow them to use :

  • Simple dialog ( browser alert to input url )
  • Advanced dialog ( extra window with a kentico default view of a Media Selector , with 4 tabs )

I want to know if there is a way to customize the tabs I seeing in this new window as we can do when using Media Selector as Form type in page types or widges/webparts. So at the end the user will only be able to upload images as attachments or inputing a link in the web tab.


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Peter Mogilnitski answered on December 8, 2017 16:02 (last edited on December 8, 2017 16:15)

You can customize media selector. Although it will not work the same way as it works inside the CMS Admin. If you use it in an online form it will pop up a new browser window with the media library selector. Inside CMS the admin it does java-script pop up and put iframe with media selector into it.

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