Forms Fields Not Showing After Upgrade

Chad Donnick asked on June 23, 2021 20:11

I'm working on an upgrade from 11 to 12. In testing the site post-upgrade, I noticed there are numerous Forms actions missing when adding or editing a form.

I see Recorded Data, General, Email Notification, Autoresponder, Security, Search fields, Contact mapping, Code, Versions

Missing are the critical options for: Form builder, Fields, Layout, Alternative forms

I'm unclear what I'm missing here. Anyone ever seen this happen and have a resolution?

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Chad Donnick answered on June 23, 2021 21:25

Update: Macros strike again! This ended up being a macro re-signing issue. Apparently, I re-signed the macros incorrectly the first time. When I re-signed them again, this time being sure to check 'Sign all Macros' and putting the existing CMSHashString in the New Salt field.

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