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Mark Elliott asked on August 26, 2016 17:06

Ok, I have created a multi-step online form to collect content from our visitors. Is there a way to create a summary page as the last step of the process that will allow the user to review what they have entered prior to submitting the form?

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Virgil Carroll answered on August 26, 2016 17:47


You could really do this two different ways, but both will take a bit of programming.

You could use some client side to hide the submit button and add your own, so when the user submitted the form initially you display a summary field (you could do this also with server side code by creating a new page with the same form items but turn it to read only), then when you show the summary screen re-display the final submit button.

To do this the more supportable Kentico way, you can access the BizForm Global Events from your code behind and work with the On Before Save event handlers to create your summary form and then complete the final submit after confirmation of the information.

Here is a good place to start with the Kentico way:

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Virgil Carroll answered on August 26, 2016 17:48

One other thing, there is a webpart in the Kentico Marketplace for a multiple screen form process. I have not looked at it, but it states it has a final review page as part of the form submission process.

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Mark Elliott answered on August 26, 2016 18:51


Thanks! I kind of suspected that might have to go through the API but did want to check if anybody had any other thoughts before I went in that direction. I'll start playing around with the Forms API and see what I can do. It looks like that webpart from the Marketplace doesn't support v9 yet and that's what we're on.

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