Form components - Migration to Xperience

Sylvain C. asked on June 22, 2022 01:57

Good morning,

All my existing form components shown in the form builder were built in Kentico 12. When I made the migration to Xperience in August 2021, they were still there and seemed to works fine in the form builder.

It is the first time since the migration that I have to create a new form component or to make modifications to existing form components. The troubles I am having now are the following:

  • A new form component freshly created following all the documentation and correctly registered using the RegisterFormComponent section is not shown in my form builder.
  • If I delete an form component created in 12 and migrated in 13 (files deleted from the project), comment the "RegisterFormComponent" section, rebuild, refresh, etc.., it is still available in my form builder....

I read in this blog at step 7: that form builder was a big issue in the migration from 12 to 13… Since I didn’t do any modification since the migration, I didn’t realize that something was broken, but something is obviously wrong.

Would you have some directions to give in order to fix these form components?

Thank you, Sylvain

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