Form Component CustomAutopostHandling Doesnt Work

Laura Frese asked on February 4, 2021 00:08

I created a category tree selector form component to allow people to select categories in a form. Every time a checkbox is checked it would do a post and the checkbox selections would disappear. I wanted to prevent this auto post so I added

// Disables automatic server-side evaluation for the component
public override bool CustomAutopostHandling => true;

To my form component code as detailed here and here

link text

However this does not actually work to prevent the post.

Correct Answer

Laura Frese answered on February 4, 2021 00:10

To get around this issue, add the "data-ktc-notobserved-element" attribute to the input field in the view.

IDictionary<string, object> htmlAttributes = ViewData.GetEditorHtmlAttributes();
htmlAttributes["data-ktc-notobserved-element"] = "";


<input type="checkbox" data-ktc-notobserved-element id="@cat.CategoryName" name="cat" value="@cat.CategoryName">
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