Form Builder changes not being reflected on page

Max De Los Reyes asked on July 11, 2023 18:05

Running in K10. I can make changes to Builder Components that are already present, and they will be reflected. For example, if I set a default value for a text box that has been there since the form was created, that default value will display on the page.

However, I am now trying to add a reCAPTCHA field. I created it using the Field Editor, and it then reflected in the Form Builder properly, but it is not present on the page. I have cleared my cache and refreshed the page. I have cleared the cache and attempted selecting a different Form in the On-line Form web part in the Page Design. Neither of these worked.

I also tried cloning some of the old components onto the same form, but they are not reflected either, so this seems to be a general problem with new fields. Any help would be appreciated.

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Max De Los Reyes answered on July 11, 2023 19:01

There was a custom layout under the Layout tab I was unaware of. Writing in a corresponding reCAPTCHA field was the solution to my issue.

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