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Zachary Cobb asked on February 18, 2014 12:20

Hello, I am trying to filter Smart Search Results to where it only displays results that are linked to a certain year. I have my documents in folders that are labeled each year and I also have a field in the form of the documents that also includes the year. I can get it to only pull results from a certain year by hard coding it in but I would like for it to dynamical add the year so that when you looked at a result from a different year then it would pull results from the new year that is linked to the document that you are looking at. I am sorry if I am not making sense. Thank you.

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Richard Sustek answered on February 18, 2014 22:35


From your explanation its not clear how you use the filtering condition. Where do you hard code it? Anyways if it works for you if you hardcode the condition somewhere Im pretty confident that it would work also if you would to use some kind of macro (query string or custom one?) depending on your needs. Please refer to the following in order to learn how you could use macros.

In the end you could simply use the macro instead of the hardcoded value.

link text

Kind regards, Richard Sustek

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