Filtering pages by path using repeater & data source

Michael Ollinger asked on June 20, 2017 18:00

I have a repeater with datasource displaying content from one area of my site in another, but I want to limit the content being displayed to a certain path of pages. I have entered a value in the Path field on the repeater web part, and I've also tried using the WHERE condition—both to no avail.

The where conditions I have tried were

AliasNodePath NOT LIKE '/OldContent/%' and AliasNodePath LIKE '/Projects/%

and neither worked.

For example, please see and click on the Projects tab. As you can see, it's pulling in pages under both the "oldcontent" path as well as the "projects" path. I'd like to configure the repeater so that it's only displaying pages from the "projects" path.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Jan Hermann answered on June 20, 2017 21:38

It's NodeAliasPath, not AliasNodePath :-)

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