Filter options that go into the query string?

Jake Burgy asked on May 3, 2017 22:24

I have a custom Data Source web part that I've written, BUT it does not hook up to a SQL data source. It hooks up to a custom external REST API, and the data is massaged so that it can be used as a data source in Kentico. It works very well.

Now I am trying to set up custom filters to work with this data source. I don't think I can create an actual "Custom Filter" web part because that's designed to filter based on SQL syntax and hook up directly to the data source, and I am not using SQL syntax so that doesn't sound like it will work.

Basically, what I need is for a customizable dropdown on the page that, when it changes, it posts back and its value goes into the query string so that it can be picked up by my custom data source as a parameter. Is there anything out of the box that can achieve this, or should I be writing another custom web part to achieve this filtering manually?

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Zach Perry answered on May 4, 2017 05:47

You can look at the code in this article, it is a custom filter that adds the value to the querystring when it is submitted.

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