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benyamin jain asked on February 8, 2016 10:45

Hi all

I want to know how it is possible to have a field with file uploader in custom table.

i set , for testing purpose , the metafile uploader control scope for custom table and do the same for direct uploader too.

in the first case when i upoload a file using Meta file Uploader and submit the custom table form , nothing saved event if i select field type as TEXT.

in the second case system throw the error about casting simple data.

"Unable to cast SimpleDataClass to Type TreeNode".

now what happen if i want to have file uploader in my custom table?is there any way to achieve this?

Version i am testing : KCMS V7.0 hotfix:91 applied

Thank you so much

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Zach Perry answered on February 8, 2016 20:31

I don't think custom tables have an option to select file as a field type. You may have to upload to a media library and use the media selection form control.

If you upgrade to K8, you can use a custom module.

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