False synchronization error: Parent node not found

Duane Lecky asked on July 8, 2014 18:57

We have many Kentico instances and use synchronization to migrate content. A frequent error message provided during synchronization is "Parent node does not exist, please synchronize parent node first." In most cases, this is a false message. Recently I was able to synchronize the parent, child, and siblings of the problematic document, but not the document itself.

I could synchronize from the desired source to any other instance except the one I needed to. I could even sync to a copy of the intended target, but not the intended target itself.

In the past, we have copied the entire database from source to target or redone the changes in the target environment. Obviously, these are not good solutions. I did not try deleting the subtree in the target environment according to http://devnet.kentico.com/forums/f55/fp12/t31673/synchelper-servererror-parent-node-does-not-ex. This would not necessarily work and was risky.

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Duane Lecky answered on July 8, 2014 18:59

The solution turned out to be to delete the server from the source instance and recreate it using a different name.

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