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jack Ryder asked on April 21, 2014 01:16

Hello all can any one help me to wall post on app page of fb ? Scenario: 1) I have create test app on fb. 2) create page for that test app. 3) Set website url in that. 4)Set Configuration from setting in kentico like app secrete key,token key etc. 5)take fbcomment webpart 6)set url of page on which i want to set comment (which is create from test application)

Results: still not able to post on fb

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Vilém Jeniš answered on April 22, 2014 01:22 (last edited on April 22, 2014 01:27)

Hello Jack!

Facebook comments WebPart are not for posting on Facebook. They allow your visitors to comment on your page and are easy to use. A detailed description is here. The URL you provide for the webpart is a URL the comments are associated with. Typically the one, your visitor has in his address bar.

If you want to make a post to your facebook page, it depends on the version of kentico you are using. We've completely re-done the social features for twitter and Facebook in the latest version and there is a nice howto in our documentation.

For version 7: You set up all the information in the settings in "social networks" category. Myke sure the settings you enter are valid for your current site. Then you are able to post using an advanced workflow or an autopost control (by default in the blog post form).

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ellinan mike answered on November 11, 2017 12:13

I have a question sir,

I want to use my Facebook page account to enter into the Facebook world so that i can like nd comment on others post with my Facebook page.

I have already reads ur ways of setup username nd password for Facebook page to enter into the Facebook world but i didn't get the settings in my Facebook page to set up username and password.

(actually i have got only the option of username which starts from @........)

So can u plz help me sir in getting the settings that how can i set up username and password for my Facebook page so that i can login into Facebook app by that. Get the app from Appvn app store.

Plz sir help me in the settings........!

Thanx a lot !

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Protar Smith answered on March 28, 2018 02:01

This issue is faced not only by you but even me, hope to get a solution as soon as possible

ShowBox 9Apps TubeMate

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